Our Company

 Arco Alloys Corp. was founded in 1938 and has been serving the zinc casting industry continuously since its inception.  The Company  manufactures  zinc base alloys for die casters, foundries and steel mills located in the United States and Canada. 

Arco Alloys' plant, still at its original location in Detroit, has been expanded a number of times to accommodate the growth of its business.

Through out its history, Arco Alloys has devoted its efforts soley to the production of zinc alloys.  Consequently, it has acquired a thorough awareness of the industry's requirements as well as the ability to respond to its customers' needs quickly and effectively.


    The quality of the zinc alloys produced at Arco Alloys has always been of the utmost concern to the company.  From the moment the raw materials are received until the moment the finished products are ready for shipment, rigid testing procedures are followed to meet the required specifications.  To attain the accuracy and uniformity of the chemistry of the alloys that Arco Alloys manufactures, several samples are taken and analyzed during the alloying process and again when the resultant metal is being poured into its final form.  Arco Alloys Corp. is accredited by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc (PJLA)  for ISO/IEC 17025:2017; Cert No. L21-276; Accreditation No. 76315 and certified by American Systems Registrar (ASR) for ISO 9001:2015; Cert No. 8395.